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Designed with you in mind...

PLY428 was Designed with you in mind... At PLY we've always had one goal, to introduce fashion to women with curves.  We want to provide you with options and access to clothes that fit.  Designs with your body in mind. Fashion that is fresh and relevant.  PLY428 is what you need and more!

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based on you

Designs based on you....It all starts with you.  We look at you.  We see you.  We feel you.  We think about what you would want to wear and we design the trends to fit your body.  Comfortable fabrics and designs that are Fashion forward with proper styling for your body.  You will love how you look and feel in PLY428.

You can leave the details to us.  We need you to help us decide on how we go forward.  You can cast your vote for styles we will produce during the preorder period.  Check back with us every week to see how your favorites are doing and to see the new items for you to decide upon.  You asked for designers to listen to your needs.  Prayers answered....