PLY is the application of a lifetime of knowledge

PLY launched In 2013.  We are creators—of fashion that ignores the rules, style that speaks to city life at its most vibrant and thrilling. We are visionaries—we look to the future to deliver the unexpected and the uncommon. Driven by passion. Bold, edgy flair tempered by the understatedly feminine.

Our Colors

Integrate painlessly into your wardrobe

Nothing is more modern than black and white.  This represents the majority of the colors in our line.  Black and white fabrics are readily available making our small cut inventory process work to your advantage.  Each season we offer pink products whose profits go exclusively to the fight against breast cancer.  Pamela has been a survivor since 2005.  Pamela’s commitment to the fight against breast cancer is evident through-out all her collections and is part of the brand’s ethos to being a responsible, honest, and modern company

Our Prices

 At PLY we sell directly to you.  That's what PLY stands for.  Pamela, Lamarr and You.  This allows us to offer you product at great prices.  

PLY to Order 

PLY extends its design studio, offering a refined Made-To-Order selection of signature styles. Every option from color to fabric.  Choose from wools, cashmeres, silks, leathers and more.  The choices are yours.  We are here to guide your decisions.  We invest in every piece so you can feel confident in your uniquely PLY garment.

The word on the street

Clearly we are fans of PLY, who are taking the kinds of fashion risk we have been waiting for.


Surpassing the difficulties of the creative procedure to make better fashion options for plus sized women...


Only one plus sized brand showed at NYFW...


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